The Vault is a Royal building available in CastleVille. It can be found under the Building tab in the Market. The number of Vaults you can have depends on your current Level. It costs 15000 Coins to place, and provides 150 Castle points once it is complete. After construction is finished, it provides 1000 Coins every time it is taxed.


To finish the Vault

The following materials are required

8 Stone Bricks
4 Gold Bricks
5 Wood Clubs
5 Staff Members

The Staff Members needed are the following:

Royal Treasurer
Key Master
Vault Guard
Coin Maker

Every time the vault has been tended 15 times by staff members, the Vault upgrades 1 Level. Each level it upgrades earns special rewards and 15 Castle Points are added to the Vault. When clicking on the Vault, only two actions are possible. You can either remind the Vault Staff Members to tend your Vault, or send them a "Thank You!" gift.

Vault materials

Vault Construction Materials

Vault ground

Placed Vault