Tom (aka Mighty Hero, Dragon Slayer, Ogre Smasher) was the mightiest knight in the realm. Known for his bravery and strength, Tom was responsible for peacefully resolving the Great Dragon Migration of '32. No matter the problem, Tom was the Knight-On-Demand. He'd rush into the fray with his customary battle cry, "For Honor! For Glory!

He is powerless against sweets.


Tom also put an end to “Goblin Week”, though some of those stains still won’t come out. No matter the problem, Tom was the Knight-On-Demand. He’d rush into the fray with his customary battle cry, “For honor! For glory! For cupcakes!”

Those days are long gone. Hard living, and an increasingly soft belly, retired Tom to a sunny beach far away. Fishing. Whittling. Eating pastries by the cartload! It was pleasant at first, not having to get up in the wee hours to shine armor or trek across the frozen wilderness tracking the odd grumpy troll. Yet, as the days passed, he began to miss the old days. Tom grew bored and – though he’d never admit it – a bit lonely.

Tom returned to the Kingdom to search for a stalwart young squire to train and pal around with. He was shocked to see the majestic land blanketed by the purple Gloom. Beasties roamed. Sadness reigned. Tom knew the Great Wizard Alastair could help. If only Tom knew where to find him! Armed with his trusty sword and a pack full of jelly donuts, Tom set out on his greatest quest of all.


  • Whittling (dragon bones preferred)
  • Training young squires in the fine arts of swordplay and pastry
  • Charming the barmaids with tales of his glory
  • Anything covered in sprinkles


  • Anything that spoils his peace and quiet
  • Prim and proper ladies
  • Weight restrictions on carriages
  • Day-old donuts
  • Honey rub downs from Rafael