The Duke

The Duke is one of the main characters in the game. He provides quests to complete and acts as a role model to users.

He acts as the games 'free neighbor' and you are able to visit him every 24 hours to gain reputation and coins. Much of the content on his castle is unknown to how we can access it such as the gold capped walls.

You can use him to fill positions in crewable buildings such as the Maiden Tower for various Crowns.



Starting QuestsEdit


0/2 parts:

  1. A Noble Beginning
  2. Into the Gloom

Other seriesEdit

  1. A Little Something Extra 2/3 parts
  2. Getting Schooled 5/5 parts
  3. Hungry 5/5 parts
  4. Baby Duke Bar 5/5 parts
  5. Duke Dungeon 3/5
  6. Spread the Love 1/10 parts

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