Sonja: The Foxy Pirate is someone you meet later on after you expand your map into the Blight. Sonja is a sexy, cutlass-wielding pirate with a thirst for grog and a penchant for pilfering other people's booty.


Sonja is a sexy, cutlass-wielding pirate with a thirst for grog and a penchant for pilfering other people’s booty. As captain of the Santa Lucia, she sailed the seas with her crew of miscreants, finding fortune and adventure in every port.

The pirate’s life was good… until the Gloom arrived. Sonja’s beloved ship was caught in the murk and ran aground, sinking to the depths and taking her treasure – and presumably her crew – along with it. Although she searched unsuccessfully for years for the missing sailors, she still holds out hope that one day, she will be reunited with her hearty men.

For now, Sonja spends her time on shore searching for lost treasure, trying to catch a magic gift-giving fish, and plotting revenge against the Dark One for sinking her ship. And while she’s on land, maybe she’ll find a new first mate and take him – or her – along when she returns to the sea. As she likes to say, any port in a storm!


  • The 2 G’s: grog and gold
  • Dueling and carousing
  • Her cutlass, Valiant
  • Treating every mate like they’re the first.
  • Plundering the finest booty


  • Running out of gold
  • Cowards and weaklings
  • That wretched Dark One and his Gloom
  • Barnacles that won’t come off no matter how hard you scrape
  • Playing fair – where’s the fun in that?



  1. Treasure Hunt 11/11 parts done
  2. Fish Story 5/5 parts done
  3. Pirate's Life 1/5 parts done
  4. The Cursed Chest 10/10 parts done

See Category:Sonja Quests for adding other series.

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