The level is a reward based on the experience you gain. By leveling up you unlock new features from the game. If you put the mouse on a locked item in the market you will see a blue star with the number of the level where this item is unlocked. You can know your level by looking at the experience bar; the number in the blue star refers to your level. There are 40 levels so far, all presented in this table:


# Name XP Icon
01 Champion Of Logging In 0
02 The Regal Newbie Izzy2
03 Proud Peasant Level3
04 Sassy Serf Tom4
05 Jubilant Jester Rafael5
06 Student of Rule 250 Yvette6
07 Plucky Page... 390 Izzy7
08 Salty Squire 590 Boy8
09 Valliant Vassal 870 Tom9
10 Naïve Knave 1260 Rafael10
11 Imperfect Prefect 1700 Yvette11
12 Herald of Glee Izzy12
13 Merry Minstrel Boy13
14 Stone Cold Steward 3500 Tom14
15 Rowdy Royal 4275 Ralph15
16 Discount Viscount 5175 Yvette16
17 Naughty Noble 6200 Izzy17
18 Guardian of the Forest 7400 Boy18
19 Venerable Vizier Tom19
20 Shepherd of the People Rafael20
21 Awesome Ambassador Yvette21
22 Rightful Heir Izzy22
23 Happy Highness Boy23
24 Distinguished Diplomat
25 Lucky Liege Ralph25
26 Saucy Scion Yvette26
27 Master Magister Yvette27
28 Bane of the Beasties Boy28
29 August Aristocrat 30300
30 Keeper of the Kingdom 33100 Ralph30
31 Legendary Leader Yvette31
32 Eminence of Joy Yvette32
33 Peace Bringer Boy33
34 Most Excellent Excellency


35 Beacon of Light Ralph35
36 Crown of Renown 53150 Yvette36
37 Sexy Sovereign 57100
38 Majestic Monarch
39 Emperor of Wow
40 Defender of the Realm!

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