Alastair - The Wizard

Alastair is a wizard you meet after expanding your land into the Gloom.



  1. The Search for Alastair (3/6 steps complete)
  2. The Great Hall (18/20 parts complete)
  3. The Gloom Lord (2/6 parts complete)

New questEdit

(Next Quest Title) ?-Part Quest:

  1. Strange Rumors
  2. The Tainted Tree
  3. Journey To The Swamp
  4. Nightmare In The Swamp
  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  6. Concocting Tree Wither
  7. Root Roundup
  8. Tough As Nails
  9. Timber
  10. Thorny Issue
  11. Shock And Awe
  12. Save The Boy

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